Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting – 7 Reviews in 2022

Quilting is the technique that is a favorite of all categories of sewists – from beginners to pros. And when you are looking for a machine that ensures convenience and ease of operation for quilting, the first name will be – Janome Sewing Machine.

And which brand does try to meet the needs of various consumers without breaking the bank? None other than Janome! The name comes from the round metal bobbins that this brand familiarized with the market.

Since there is a plethora of best Janome sewing machine for quilting, it can be confusing to choose one. Don’t worry! Read this article if you want to hone your skills in quilting with Janome.

Are Janome Sewing Machines Reliable?

This question lets me go through thousands of real-time reviews to see the promises Janome is making, and whether they are keeping them or not. I specifically went through the reviews of the machines I have listed. I tried to match the reviews with the features they come with.

It turns out the machines are very precise! People are literally enjoying all the features that they were promised initially. 

Janome machines enable you to be more flexible towards your work. All of them have a suitable price. 

Each of these best Janome machines for quilting comes with a warranty of 25 years! Above all, Janome sewing and quilting machines promise you Japanese build quality and also Japanese work quality. 

So, if you are getting a perfectly functional Janome sewing machine without any manufacturing problems, they are very reliable. 

7 Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting – Honest Reviews

Do you want to go for the beginner-friendly ones or the professional ones? Check out the recommended Janome sewing machine for quilting and thank me later!

1. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Janome 2212 is a mechanical sewing machine with basic features for beginners. Although it doesn’t have automated features like computerized machines, the stitch quality and simplicity make it the best sewing machine for beginner quilters.

Stitches And Buttonhole

The stitch quality is the biggest upper hand of this machine. It comes with 12 stitches and 4-step buttonholes. While 12 stitches are enough for basic sewing, a 4-step buttonhole will offer a precise stitching process. You will have the option of adjusting the stitch length and width, and you’ll get a drop feed for free-motion quilting.

Easy To Use

As this machine aims at the beginners, it is designed to understand every control without delving into any instructions or video tutorials. It also features large dials, a simple threading system, and a built-in thread cutter to enhance convenience. The free arm facilitates sewing one-layer fabrics, and the reverse lever makes it easy to lock stitches in for smoother work.

Lightweight And Durable

Robust build quality ensures the machine’s longevity. Besides weighing only 15 pounds, this Janome machine is lightweight and portable. Its retractable handle adds to the portability. 

Things we like:

  • Designed for inexperienced users.
  • Lightweight and portable Easy to use.
  • Offers durability at an affordable price.

Things we don’t like:

  • Cannot sew heavy fabrics like denim and leather.
  • Misses out on some beginner-friendly features such as an automatic needle threader.


The Janine 2212 is a beginner-friendly sewing machine with a simple user interface, adjustable stitch length and width, drop feed for free-motion quilting, free arm, and more. If you want to practice the required sewing skills without intimidating yourself with the baggage of complicated features, go with this. 

2. Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 18 Built-in Stitches + Hard Case

Are you searching for the best Janome for quilting with manual interfaces with the same speed as the computerized ones? Then Janome hd3000 will be an ideal option.

Throat space

Generally, conventional sewing machines don’t go with the heavier materials; especially under the $500 category. But this one is an exception with long throat space and extra high-pressure feet. These help to quilt thicker fabrics.

However, it may have a higher price tag than the other options, but it is quite sturdy, serving you for years. 

Automatic quilting features

The built-in automatic needle threader, thread cutter, free arm capability, adjustable stitch length and width, reverse button, blind hem foot, rolled hem foot, top drop-in bobbin – all of these aspects have made it the list. 

It has 18 built-in stitches with 860 SPM and a one-step buttonhole. There is a stitch selection dial that can be used for many purposes. The bobbin winding is covered with a transparent coating to eliminate jamming. 

Things we like:

  • Sturdy and easy-to-use
  • Perfect for straight stitches
  • It works equally well on both thin and thick types of materials
  • The leveling of the foot comes in handy when you sew thick fabrics
  • This portable machine comes with a sturdy protective case for storage

Things we don’t like:

  • Dim work light
  • The number of built-in stitches should be improved.


This machine works smoothly and quietly and offers great straight stitches. The ultra-glide foot feature is rarely seen in sewing machines. There is ample room for bulkier projects to pass easily through the throat. Lastly, its 25-year limited warranty is the cherry on top! 

3. Janome Arctic Crystal with Interior Metal Frame

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B076XL78BF&Format= SL500 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=himel00709 20&language=en USJanome Arctic Crystal

When you are looking for the Janome sewing and quilting machine to teach your kids the ABC of quilting, this small-sized Janome Arctic Crystal is undoubtedly the go-to product. If you take care of it properly, it will definitely serve you for several years. However, it takes third place as the previous ones are true perks for durability and easy functions. 

Easy-to-use functionality 

The manufacturers have made this Janome sewing machine for quilters who are new in this field. That’s why the dial and button are clearly labeled to avoid any confusion. The convenient features like a built-in bobbin guide for easy thread loading, 15 basic stitches, adjustable stitch length, removable free arm attachment, and more – all of these have made it to the list. 

For newbie quilters

Quilting needs some must-have features, and this one packs most of them. With a 3-piece feed dog system, four presser feet, dual retractable spool pins for smooth feeding, and nice throat space, this machine can fit the bill for a beginner’s friendly quilting machine

Things we like:

  • Affordable
  • No-fuss instructions
  • Opens up the possibility for novices.
  • Easy access hook bobbin

Things we don’t like:

  • Doesn’t have an extension table for large quilting fabrics


If you want to avoid the bells and whistles and look forward to having simple mechanical Janome sewing machines for quilters, this is the way to go. Its easy thread loading, adjustable stitch lengths, dual spool pin, and affordable price tag – are some of the praiseworthy features. 

4. Janome JW8100 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine with 100 Stitches, 7 Buttonholes, Hard Cover, Extension Table and 22 Accessories

Janome JW8100 is a computerized sewing machine that comes with tons of valuable features and hence an expensive price tag. Versatile features can serve both beginners and professionals.

Built-in Stitches And Buttonhole

The machine has 100 built-in stitches and buttonholes of seven different styles, ideal for all your projects, including quilting, garments, crafting home decoration, and more. You can easily select the suitable stitch from the removable stitch chart on the machine body.

The machine features a maximum speed of 850 SPM with 3 different speeds chosen according to project requirements using the speed controller. 

LCD Display And Easy Convenience Buttons

The big LCD screen will show stitching information and allow you to control the design, colors, stitch types, and others with easy clicks. Right by the LCD screen, you’ll find a locking stitch button and needle up/down button.

Again, the on/off button is adjacent to the needle, which makes the sewing process convenient. To reinforce the stitch, push the reverse stitching button. 

Other Features 

The machine comes with a detachable extension table. You’ll get an extra place by detaching the extension table, which will be particularly important for bulky projects like quilting.

Other useful features include an automatic needle threader, manual thread tension controller, free arm seven-piece threading system for smooth fabric feeds, automatic optimal stitch settings, hardcover, etc.   

Things we like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100 built-in stitches for versatility
  • Heavy metal body makes it durable

Things we don’t like:

  • No automatic thread cutter


Janome JW8100 computerized sewing machine has so many versatile features that explain its expensive price tag. Hundred built-in stitches, touchscreen controls, extension table, and other convenient features make it a favorite to quilters. 

5. Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine (New 2020 Tan Color) w/Hard Cover + Extension Table + Quilt Kit + 1/4 Seam Foot w/Guide + Overedge Foot + Zig Zag Foot + Buttonhole Foot + More!

When you are looking for the best sewing machine for quilters and professional quilters, go through this Janome 3160QDC review. It can cater to your needs for sewing both thin and thick fabrics. This one is precise, fast, and efficient. Let’s find out more about this awesome device!


This machine comes with exclusive aspects, but all these features don’t turn this into a bulky appliance. It weighs only 12 pounds! Again, it offers excellent stability while working with thick fabrics.

This small machine can fulfill your quilting needs with a 7-piece feed dog, extended needle plate, memorized needle up/down, auto lockstitch button, and so on. However, it would be best if it had a walking foot.

Easy user interface 

Winding the bobbin, stitch selection, or buttonholes selection – all are easy to master. However, the bobbin is small. 

Its thread-cutting feature is quite praiseworthy. Since this was designed with quilters in mind, it ensures consistent stitch quality with unique SFS. 

You don’t have to use any food pedal as there is a speed control slider and start/stop button. 

Free arm capable 

It has 6 one-step buttonholes with 60 built-in stitches. So, the free arm capability makes sure you can sew small openings. Additional features that facilitate your quilting are – LED work light, adjustable presser foot pressure, extension table, and horizontal retractable type spool pin. 

Things we like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100 built-in stitches for versatility
  • Heavy metal body makes it durable

Things we don’t like:

  • No automatic thread cutter


If you are looking forward to the best sewing machines for quilting, which will be easy to use and lightweight, you should not look further than this Janome 3160QDC. The excellent thread cutter, stability, and extension table can offer quilting on thin and thick fabrics.

6. Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine

Janome Magnolia 7318 is also a mechanical sewing machine for beginners with some better features and more versatility than others. It provides clean and tidy stitch consistency with perfect straight stitching. 

Stitches And Versatility 

With 18 decorative and utility stitches and 4-step buttonholes, this machine can perform almost all of your projects like the Janome JW1800. The corresponding letters of the stitches are on the front body of the machine, along with the stitch selection and length dial.

The machine is fast enough with a maximum speed of 830 SPM. It can stitch denim and leathers. 

Easy Operation And Precision

Easy operability makes it a favorite for many customers. Adjustable thread tension and needle position will help you to be precise without wasting your time. The reverse lever will help secure the stitch, and 7 feed dogs will guide the fabric to the machine. 

Convenience Features

For convenience, the machine includes a measuring ruler for quick measurement, a storage compartment, and a light to illuminate the workplace. By removing the working area, you’ll get access to a free arm for circular projects. Finally, it has a compact design that is portable and weighs about 17.2 pounds only.

Things we like:

  • User Friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • Portable and Durable
  • Extra high presser fit for heavy sewing fabrics

Things we don’t like:

  • Drop feed is not properly visible


Janome Magnolia 7318 offers easy operation and users friendly features. It can also perform versatile projects with precision. All these features fascinate intermediate sewists along with beginners.

7. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine w/Hard Case + Extension Table + Instructional DVD + 1/4" Seam Foot w/Guide + Overedge Foot + Zig Zag Foot + Buttonhole Foot + More!

Janome is always dedicated to catering to the needs of its users with no-fuss settings. And this Janome 4120QDC computerized sewing machine is not any exception. Its large work area with an automatic thread cutter and intuitive LCD panel has made it the best Janome machine for quilting. 

Great stitch facilities 

There is almost everything that you need for effortless sewing. While the previous pick may seem simple, this one packs excellent aspects like needle up/down features for a nice finish and computerized on-screen editing settings for saving your time and effort. The mirror stitching and locking stitch button are some of the unique aspects.

The 120 built-in stitches, 7-piece feed dog, 820 spm, 7 one-step buttonholes, and great thread tension may offer you various chances of sewing tasks. However, the manual thread tension control may seem fussy to the users. 

Intuitive settings for quilting 

The wide table and extra high presser feet can accommodate thick fabrics. Easy bobbin winding, one-hand needle threader, and automatic thread trimming make the sewing a breeze. 

I like its stitch pattern memory capability as you can save your mind-blowing designs. With its built-in alphabet and monogramming fonts, you can do monograms

Things we like:

  • Easy to use
  • large work area
  • Automatic features
  • Provides overall performance
  • Comes with numerous stitches
  • Extra high presser feet for thick quilts

Things we don’t like:

  • Manual thread tension needs improvement


When you want to have one of the top sewing machines for quilting which is a jack of all trades, this is an ideal option. The wide space, editing features, adjustable threading, and great stitch options make it the favorite to the intermediate seamstresses.

You may check out Janome c30 computerized sewing machine for adjustable thread tension without costing you the earth!

What to Look for While Buying The Best Janome Sewing Machine For Quilting?

best janome sewing machine for quilting

There are a few common traits that I looked for when I listed the machines above. If you go through this buying guide below, you will determine why these products were listed. And then you can make an informed decision.  


There are a few features that make a normal Janome the best Janome for quilting. The most prominent one is that the stitching experience becomes much easier than anticipated. Usually, stitching requires a balance between the hands while one is used for the mechanism and the other one for moving the cloth.

But with these computer-programmed Janome sewing machines, you don’t have to use one hand for the mechanism. You can use both of your hands-free while sewing a quilt or any other clothes. 

The ability to use both of your hands just to move the cloth freely enables you to maintain better balance. Though most people rely on their dominant hand to move the cloth, it’s better to have easy access.

Extra-high presser foot lift

While you are quilting thick fabrics, extra lift on the presser foot aids a clear movement of those thick, heavy projects with no problem. Go for the ones with a high presser foot lift.

Feed System

Janome comes with excellent feed systems that give increased control over the fabric as it moves through the machine.

Since Janome has multiple-piece feed dogs, these feed dog pieces ensure more items get gripped for better control under the needle.

Go for the devices with drop feed for free-motion quilting.

Speed Control

A speed-control slider is a boon for Janome lovers. If you are among the sewists who haven’t yet mastered the art of speed control, the slider helps you limit the top speed.

Additional features

If you want to do quilting effortlessly, some extra accessories may help you in this way. Extension table, seam foot, autopilot functionalities, Anti-Jamming Properties, and so on – are worth mentioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The computerized experience lets you feel relieved. But while other computerized machines are focusing more on being compatible with only one type of work, the best Janome sewing machine for quilting is what Janome is trying to establish.

You see, Janome machines enable you to be more flexible towards your work. You can literally adjust everything according to the type of work you’re going for. This makes these Janome machines stand in the battle.

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