Brother SC9500 Review – Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

Among various sewing machines, the Brother company has always produced great quality products and the Brother SC9500 is one of them. It has a stunning look and great build quality. It is packed with some crazy features that even some high-end machines don’t have.

The technology lovers will love it for all the exclusive tech features like automatic threading, LCD screen, etc. Easy to use sewing machine with One-Step Buttonhole has made this product one of the best at this price range.

There are so many other beneficial specifications that I’m going to talk about and show you why you should buy this machine.

Brother SC9500 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine


  • Automatic needle threading: Yes; Multiple needle positions
  • Electric: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 19.2 x 15.6 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 16.8 pounds

Things we like:

  • Electric machine
  • Easy to use threading system
  • LCD screen
  • LED light for sewing area
  • One-Step Buttonhole for quick work
  • Comfortable to move because of lightweight build
  • Wide desk for pleasant sewing
  • Monogram font
  • Durable and long lasting

Things we don’t like:

  • A bit pricey for the features
  • Not perfect for monogramming

Brother SC9500 Review – Honest Opinion

Brother SC9500 Review

Brother SC9500 is a beginner-friendly sewing machine with great overall features that even intermediate and professional users will find useful. Let’s take a look at what this product has to offer.

Solid Build and Modern Look

The Brother SC9500 has a strong and impressive build quality. The strong structure has made it possible to use it for a long time without much trouble.

The exterior technology materials give the machine an outstanding performance. Technology gives you the upper hand in any kind of work.

This is a nice shape of the machine and stunning color will catch your eyes with a shiny body that you will like for sure.

It has a wide desk set up for easy sewing and you will feel comfortable every time you work for hours on that sewing machine.

Monogram Font

You will not find many sewing machines that have monogram font at this price range. This may not be that fancy and you can’t change the size; however, this will be fun using it.

For personalizing clothing, decorate housewares, make labels, and more you can use a monogram font.

Technology for The Easy Work

If you are a tech lover and like to use technology-based products then the Brother SC9500 is the right sewing machine for you.

The digital sewing machine can easily stitch in the programmed stitching. This is an easy and trouble-free sewing machine with a technical touch.

For beginners, this machine is a great addition to learn and perform at a higher level. Regular users will also find it useful when using the built-in stitches. There are 90 unique built-in stitches to choose from.

One-Step Buttonhole

A one-step buttonhole can reduce the risk of messing up your stitching! Just pick the one you want to use and keep doing your work!

While the four-step buttonhole needs a manual operation to do the work, the automatic one-step buttonhole will finish the work in no time! It’s easy and time-efficient.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle

This machine is quite lightweight and very much user-friendly. You will not feel any issue regarding moving the machine or using it. It is pretty much easy to use and moving it from one place to another is pretty easy.


One thing that stands out about the Brother SC9500 is how simple it is to thread. The user handbook does an excellent job of detailing everything. It’s one of the quietest machines on the market.

With many layers and single-layer textiles, the machine performs admirably. It performed admirably on four layers of upholstery, indicating that it will stand up to heavier materials.

This machine’s stitch quality is good and constant. The decorative stitching is quite nice. Beginners will find the machine to be simple to operate. The machine even informs you which stitch to use with which foot.

The LED bulb provides adequate illumination for the work area.

Features Like High-end Products

LCD screen, monogram font, computerized sewing, etc. are some high-end features that you will find in the Brother SC9500 sewing machine. At this price range, you will get a product that can perform outstandingly.

Pick a Stitch of Your Liking

You have the freedom to choose from 90 unique stitches that can decrease the time of your work. You can change the size of the stitches and use them as you like. There are plenty of ways to do your work and you will love the variety.

Free Motion Quilting

Not just stitching, even quilting is easy to do with this sewing machine. There is drop feed technology for free motion quilting. This will come in handy while sewing at a moderate level.

Automatic Needle Threading, Multiple Needle Positions

You don’t need to thread every time if you use this sewing machine. There is a function for automatic needle threading.  And for your comfort at sewing, you have multiple needle positions.

So, you don’t have to move your machine around to pick the right place on the desk to sew.

LED Sewing Area

For clear and spot-on sewing there is an LED sewing area. It will be of great assist for your sewing experience.

Top Speed

The three-speed settings it affords are 850 stitches per minute. It may not be the best at speed but you can’t deny it is enough for your daily sewing.

Bobbin Winding is An Easy Task

Threading is straightforward enough with the built-in threading assist tool. Maintenance duties are made easier with easy access to many of the areas where dust and lint might gather.

The build quality is excellent. Everything fits don’t rattle and don’t come off during use, which is always a nice thing.

A Clear Manual to Understand Better

The Brother SC9500 comes with a great manual for you to understand. Many people face problems setting up a new machine because they are not familiar with it or this is the first time someone setting it up. But with a good manual and video instruction, you can set up, use, and sew without any trouble.

A Great Deal for A Low Budget

This sewing machine is one of the best in the market at an affordable price. You may want to buy something well balanced in both the price and productivity. For you, this is a good pick without any doubt!

Positive User Reviews

The users of this sewing machine have given their feedback on different platforms and most of them were positive after using it for a long time. This product will not fail your expectation of performance and durability!

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Best for Beginners: The Brother SC9500 is an affordable beginner-friendly easy to use sewing machine. If you are looking for a beginner level or an intermediate level sewing machine this will be an excellent choice.

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