Free Machine Embroidery Designs to Download – Top 20 in 2022

Embroidery is a pretty common thing for designing logos, home decoration, product branding, etc. Usually, machine embroidery can be done in two ways. One is the manual way where you need to do the design on your own and control everything regarding it.

The other way is using a computer-controlled embroidery machine. This computer-controlled way is more suitable for commercial or industrial use where you need to make a large number of the same products with identical design. This is why it’s not really for regular use.

Now, no matter which way you choose to have your embroidery done, you must need a suitable design for that, right? You can draw your own machine embroidery design, or you can save yourself some breath. How is that? Well, you can download free machine embroidery designs from the internet pretty quickly.

So, how are you going to download free machine embroidery designs, where can you have them, which sites are the best, etc. are the questions you are probably having right now. Well, do not worry at all because we got you completely covered here.

How to Download Free Machine Embroidery Designs

To download your required design, enter the site that has a free machine embroidery design. These websites usually offer their free designs as a zip file. There are also other sites where you can directly download the exact format your machine can read.

If you have downloaded a zip format file, extract it so that you can transfer it to your machine, and your embroidery machine can work with it. To perform this part of the process, you will have to have a computer with you because no embroidery machine has the functions to unzip a file.

Depending on the type of machine you have, you will have to transfer the extracted design with wifi or USB, or you may need to plug in the computer with the embroidery machine. Double-check the design to make sure that the design is in the right format according to the machine. Otherwise, there will be an error while you are loading the design.

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Where to Buy Embroidery Patterns

An embroidery pattern is the frame of an embroidery. If you place the pattern on the fabric, the rest is just filling up the gaps with different stitch styles. You fill up all the gaps, and you get your nice embroidery done. There are sites online that offer free machine embroidery patterns to download. You can easily have them. Here is our top 5 pick for the best free machine embroidery pattern. Let’s check them out.

Lolli and grace

If you are looking for some pattern of vibrant color, this is where you should look for. As the patterns are made with bright fabric, they look so pretty. There is a wide variety of patterns in their collection. It won’t be the slightest exaggeration if I say that “Lolli and Grace” have something to offer for everyone.

Six Little Stitches

Six Little Stitches is our second top pick for downloading free machine embroidery patterns. They offer minimalist and landscape patterns which are quite extraordinary. If you are not looking for a fancy pattern, more of a simple and easy-to-do thing, this site is your most useful resource. Beginners who are looking for some simple patterns to start their journey can easily find their suitable design here.

September House

They have some really unique and uncommon patterns to offer that you don’t usually see around you. But being unique doesn’t actually make them hard or complex to work with. They are just fun. They have some great astrological and space-themed patterns in their collection for you. If you are looking for some, just go and pick the one you want to have.

Urbann Nest

The patterns you will have here at Urbann Nest are mostly outdoorsy and inspired by nature. You really wouldn’t want to miss them. Urbann Nest is an excellent shop for free patterns, which are finished pieces and can make a fantastic addition to your personal collection. Just have a look at them and thank us later.

Trellis and Thyme Patterns

This is a place where you can find patterns of felt softies or cross stitches, or regular embroidery patterns. This is the best thing about it. You will have every sort of pattern you need here – literally, one-stop shopping for every needle craft pattern.

Where to Buy Embroidery Designs

Design is a must for embroidering. There are two ways to get a machine embroidery design. Either you make it yourself, or you get it from a digitizer. Now, for non-commercial uses, you would not want to spend some bucks for a design, right?

That is why there are free machine embroidery designs to download. What you will have to do is find a site that allows you to download free embroidery designs. But actually, you who are reading this article don’t need to go through even the finding part because we have done it for you.

The only thing you need to do is just pick one site, access it, and download the design you like. That’s it! Let’s see our best 5 websites that offers you free machine embroidery designs to download.

The best thing about is that it has no limitation of downloads. You can download as many designs as you want anytime. You also do not need to create an account or provide them with your personal information. This is one of the exclusive reasons this site is at the top of your choice. You will have both wholly free and embroidery designs that are free with the purchase there. Another benefit of using this site is that you will have a thread color chart with every design here.

If you want designs of specific criteria to theme, search designs fulfill that criteria among all the categories. Also, don’t forget to check the reviews to verify that design. Always having a test stitch is the best way to be sure if the design is usable or not.

Creative Fabrica

They have a rich and expanding collection. You can have a free design sent to you every week if you just subscribe to Creative Fabrica’s email. If you choose to subscribe, make sure that you immediately download a likable design the moment you have it because you may not find it later. 

Here’s another great deal. You can have an Unlimited account that will give you access all over their collection at a monthly subscription charge of only $29. You can cancel this anytime you wish. Creative Fabrica has an awesome collection of Cricut fonts, both regular and 3D SVG files.

Oma’s Place

You will have so many designs at Oma’s Place. Their free design section is seasonally updated, which is a great thing because you are getting newer free designs in every update.

To download designs, you will have to provide just an email address, your first and last name. There is an optional signing up for the newsletter option, which will send you suggestions of really great designs. This service will leave you amazed with extraordinary designs.

Your downloaded file will be in zip format. So extract it before use.

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Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Kreative Kiwi specializes in the hoop embroidery design. In the hoop means sewing projects like bookmarks, coasters, potholders, or others that you can make in your embroidery hoop. There are also free patterns. This is the feature that makes it a unique site. In order to make a purchase, you will have to give your name, email, and phone number.

Daily Embroidery

You are not looking for a specific design type, or you don’t need one right now. If you are in such a situation, Daily Embroidery can be your top pick to enrich your design collection or have ideas of unique designs because they will give you the option to download a free design every day. Also, by taking their paid club membership, you can have access to all of their designs or just purchase one design at a time. If you want to have the freedom to download, you have to account with your personal information.

They also have a sister website with the name that offers a fantastic paid deal that is very affordable. You can also check it out if you want!

What Makes a Good Embroidery Design

When you are out there searching for a free machine embroidery design to download, you need to keep in mind that the design’s size should not exceed the maximum hoop size on the machine you have. Your machine can not operate with a design if it is bigger than the maximum hoop size.

For example, if you own a Brother SE600 embroidery machine, the full hoop size for it is 4 inch by 4 inch. This means any design larger than 4 inches; the machine won’t be able to work with that. But, if you have a Brother SE1900, the maximum hoop size for this machine extends to 5 inch by 7 inch. This gives you the freedom to work with almost any design pretty efficiently.

But, you do not really need to be heartbroken with your small hoop size embroidery machine because it won’t always be in the best interest to invest in a new upgraded machine. There is a solution to this problem. If you own embroidery software, you will be able to split the designs into small pieces and make them work for your embroidery machine. Also, there is quite a few free embroidery software you can download and meet up your need.

If you are going to stitch embroidery on a piece of fabric that you cannot be spoiled anyhow or simply the fabric is an expensive one, it is always better to have a little precaution. Give the design a trial on a regular piece of fabric. This will let you determine if the design is well digitized. A digitized auto design will have jump stitches, the density of the stitch may not be proper, and it may not look like it looked in the picture. That’s why giving it a trial will save you from any possible accident.

Besides this, you can also have a thread chart and printout the detailed information like digitized size, usual stitch count, list of changed threads, etc. of the design and keep it. It will allow you to use the design perfect for a long time as you have all the details you need with you.

20 Best Sites for Free Embroidery Designs to Download

free machine embroidery designs to download
machine embroidery design

1. Oregon Patchworks

This one comes out fresh and anew with so many free embroidery designs. Most of the designers can also upload their designs for sale on Oregon Patchworks. The fresh samples and designs you get are from designers to check quality as well. If you roam the website, you’ll learn a lot of stuff to do.

Well, the website has paid designs. If you buy any designs, it will lead you to even more free embroidery patterns. And if you pick any free sample, you’ll get a limitation of 10 downloads each day.

There are some works to do before you download. You’ll need an account to step into download, and the account requires a standard amount of information, which is truly basic. Besides, when you subscribe to the website’s newsletters, you’ll have access to more free designs, named as “members-only.” Plus, you’ll also be able to enjoy Free Friday Embroidery picks.


The website to find everything related to embroidery designs. Every week, you’ll be able to download three new designs from a vast collection, and yes, all are free. If you love to download multiple designs, you can make a wish list as well for further downloads.

There are some bundles like if you spend $35 on the website, you get six free images. And for $75 purchase, you will get 9 free designs to download.

Some rules and regulations to follow while downloading a design, such as you have to open an account with some basic information. After that, you can download effortlessly, and also printable.

Plus, you can see some butterfly signs, which denote the embroidery designers’ rating, and artist. That being said, you’ll get an idea of the quality, and workability.

3. Ann The Gran

Ann The Gran is a name, which you’ll hear all the round in the embroidery field. This website is purely similar to, so as the rules. You’ll receive 3 designs each week for free, and if you purchase $35 items, the number will be enhanced to 6 free designs per week. Leading to that, 9 free designs each week if you spend $75.

As the rule goes by the same website, you’ll need an account to get your hands on the design. But for registration, you can enjoy a week of the website’s club membership, and that allows for more than 100 free designs. Not to mention, if you want unlimited access, you have to own permanent club membership. Well, discounts are there as well for other goodies, and further purchases.

4. Bunnycup Embroidery

Bunnycup has the cutest embroidery designs for babies. You can use their designs to make baby gifts, blankets, backpacks, outfits, and many more for your baby.

You can sign up with the necessary information if you want a free design per week. They are always expanding their paid designs. Their applique designs are probably the best you will find around you.

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5. SWAK Embroidery

SWAK Embroidery has quite a rich collection of free designs. If you are someone who is embroidering mostly for young ones, you will love this site. Their designs are very well digitized and super cute.

SWAK updates its free designs pretty regularly. You can also use them commercially but in a limited quantity, obviously.

They offer so many options and a rich collection of redwork and blackwork embroidery files. You can also check their paid designs which are fabulous.

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6. Embroider This!

“Embroider” has some quality designs that are very much affordable and also some free designs. Most of its designs in hoop size 4″ ×4″ with several others’ for larger hoops also. Their free designs are very well digitized, and you don’t need to give your personal information for them unless you are going to purchase.

The zip files include a picture file, a color chart, and the design in numerous formats so that the machines can easily use it. This makes the entire work so much easier!

7. Falcon Embroidery

Once you access this, hours will be gone before you remember to blink. Yes, the designs are this catchy. The designs are mostly in an artistic theme and very unique in nature. You are going to get them free!

Once you enter the site, you are going to love it. Moreover, if you sign up for the email newsletter, you are going to have the chance to download their design of the day, which is also free.

8. Creative Appliques

Creative Applique has its collection ready to meet up your needs. They have both the free designs and the in-the-hoop projects. If you want, you can opt to go for their paid designs also. All that matters are the fineness of the design you need, right?

9. Embroidery Online by OESD

Embroidery Online offers a specific number of free designs as samples. So that you may stitch them and have a taste of their quality which will inspire you to go for the paid ones. The paid ones are very affordable and are tens of thousands in number. As we are here for free designs, it is on our list because the free designs are updated every once in a while. Usually, the free designs are 5 to 10 in number. But all of them are quality designs, and that’s what we can assure you.

10. Singer Official Website

If you are someone who owns a singer sewing and embroidery machine, you can have free machine embroidery designs on their website, which are kept there for you. They are around 50 in number and very cute! If you don’t own a Singer embroidery machine, don’t de disheartened. You can also make use of those designs as the files are in singer-machine format. So, you will have to convert the designs into a suitable format according to your machine. You can do the conversion using an online converter or software.

11. Brother Official Website

You can get access to their free embroidery designs’ library by signing up for their emails. You will have more than three hundred designs there. Also, they add more new designs in the free designs section every month. The patterns are mostly in .pes format. So you will have to convert them in a format that is compatible with the machine you own.

You will not find a color chart which will make it a bit tough for you.

12. Designs by Juju

For instance, if you are looking for bible verse-themed designs, you will find plenty of them here. There is a whole bunch of digitized bible verse collections here. You will also find kid-friendly or cute appliques here. And not to mention, all of them are free!

13. Pro Digitizing

You have got an actual brick-and-mortar store that also has a BBB rating here. So, they are quite good at digitizing, and you will see a sample of their work in the designs. There are so many cute free designs here. They also have a nice collection of holiday-themed designs.


Just like their name, they have got an amazing collection of designs to offer. Since 1996 they have been keeping up their good work. You can instantly download all the single designs they offer along with the collections. The good thing is that they update their collection regularly. They provide free projects along with free designs.


They have been offering online designs for quite a long time, since 2002. This time span vouches for their quality. They offer free designs on some unique categories: free design of the hour, free design of the day, and free Facebook design of the day. They have got a huge collection of 31000 unique designs.


CATAFFO is a German Site. But there are language options available. So, don’t worry. You will find the language option at the very top right side of the site. Their machine embroidery designs are truly good, and to have them, you will have to register an account. After that, you will have downloadable free designs under the “My Account” option.


EMBROIDERSHOPPE has got a pretty good collection of 3D flower designs. Those designs are really fabulous. You can also subscribe to the newsletter service. It will get you notifications of free designs and special packs.


You will have free applique designs, seasonal designs, doodle type designs here that are quite popular. All these designs are really adorable.

19. Smart Needle

If you are planning to stitch a gift for the special man of your life, Smart Needle can be your savior for embroidery designs. They offer free designs that are really gorgeous, and the best thing is, they never expire. You can download them anytime you want.

20. Lynnie Pinnie

Lynnie Pinnie is the last one on our list. But not the least out there, obviously. All the free designs Linnie Pinnie has, you will have them at the sidebar as “free embroidery designs.” Besides these, you will get a free design for joining their Facebook group, and by subscribing to the newsletter, you will have another 4 designs that are also free!

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Final Words

With these, we are wrapping our list of free machine embroidery designs to download. You will have all the designs from these sites to make your stitching journey better and more enjoyable. And obviously, if you like their free designs and decide to spend some money for designs, go and purchase their paid ones. This will make them inspired to give you guys more awesome and rocking designs.

Best of luck, and enjoy your stitching.

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