How To Start An Embroidery Business – Everything You Must Know

Have you been thinking of starting a business in the embroidery sector? If you have a positive signal to this question, then you’re certainly looking for how to start an embroidery business.

Well, an embroidery business is a growing segment in the apparel industry, and YES, you can start this business simply from your home located in any part of the world.


Where should you START?

Which machines would be the ideal choices for your business?

Well, embroidery is generally meant as combining the graphic design to the apparel fabrics and goods using different types of embroidery machines – dual, single, or multi variants.

We believe you already KNOW this. So now, WHAT?

At the very beginning, it would be better for you to go through the following key questions and then prepare your answers, which will help you shape your business along with what you want out of that.

For the next few minutes, we’ll be with you to help you get an insight into the overall scenario of starting an embroidery business.

Keep on reading and try to KNOW the details…

What are some of the most common reasons that interest people to start an embroidery business?

From our perspective, we believe that working with an embroidery machine (probably a computerized one) is a job of pure joy!

However, there are plenty of reasons for which someone may get attracted to start their own embroidery business or, you might say apparel decorating business – in other words.

It is a universal nature of the human being to be your BOSS instead of working under the authority of someone else. Besides, starting a business of your own will give you the flexibility for your financial security and, consequently, it will allow you, using your knowledge and skills in a challenging and creative way.

But, by the day’s end, if you decide on purchasing a new and professional embroidery machine for your business, then it definitely has to be somewhat money-making – numbers never lie.

If you can come up with an eligible business plan and well-researched marketing policy, your embroidery business can undoubtedly grow at a mind-boggling rate.

If you do a little research, you’ll find out that embroidery goods do have heavy demands. Almost all kinds of organizations and businesses go for buying printed clothing or logo wear along with other sorts of decorated products to promote their brand or convey a message of their business.

At this moment, there are plenty of people who are involved in this embroidery business. And, most of them are working from their home.

However, there is a specific section that can’t see the success due to lack of research and knowledge in this sector.

Hence, do your HOMEWORK properly before you START your embroidery business.

How would I find the niche market for my business?

Since you’re here at this section of our article, so we can tell that you have a deep interest in this custom apparel or embroidery industry.

We’re completely sure you do get excited looking at plenty of embroidery works near you every day. Shirts, caps, bags, jackets, uniforms, linens and, YES, there are many more decorated with various sorts of techniques.

Whether it’s the corporate monograms, logos, club names, or you might say stylish designs of t-shirts, you can now easily understand how it has become an industry of 47 billion US dollars per year.

So, who gets the orders for all of these printed and embroidered goods?

Well, most of the embroidery designed clothing found in the department stores or retail stores are manufactured by larger companies. And, the smaller local entrepreneurs do the majority of the other orders.

You’ll be very much surprised to know the fact that in case of many of those custom t-shirt business projects, the local business or school would prefer a local entrepreneur rather than going for a larger company where they don’t get the chance to arrange a FACE-TO-FACE meeting…

And, this where you ENTER in the MARKET.

Who will be the customers of your embroidery business?

Now, at this point, take a deep breath, think for a moment, and prepare a list of at least 10 potential customers from the people you do know in person. This procedure will help you with getting a clear idea about your customers. And, you’ll also have a clear concept about the ways to serve them:


… this LIST goes on…

Well, have you thought of any known people in areas like churches, charities, and schools? Do you know any business owners personally?

Now, make a list again mentioning those people from whom you BUY at a regular interval. This list will include the independent stores or shops from where you purchase frequently or restaurants you love to visit or could be the sports team your kid is a part of.

At this MOMENT, try to make another list of FIVE people or maybe businesses that you consider as a suitable source of REFERRALS.

Now, call your closest buddies and mates and ask them the same questions and note down the answers you get from them.

It’s time to count the NUMBER.

Suppose you’ve got FIVE PEOPLE (friends) from whom you’ve gathered the above information.

What would be the TOTAL number, including your list?

Write down those NUMBERS, and you’ll have a shortlist of the customers for your embroidery BUSINESS.

What equipment and skills do you need to run your embroidery business?

To work with a commercial embroidery machine, you don’t need any specialized knowledge or skill. All you need is a proper level of training. This will become easier if you have got familiarity with the designing software or some basic understanding of the ways used to run such designing applications.

Keep in mind that basic computer knowledge is a must.

It would be great news for you that the advanced type of embroidery machine is easy-to-use. You can even create logos and designs by using the easy-to-operate digitizing software.

However, you need professional TRAINING to produce designs, logos that are just an extraordinary piece of work.

Therefore, getting training from the PROFESSIONAL ones would be a PLUS.

Which is the Best Embroidery Machine?

Now that you’ve gathered an overall idea about how to start an embroidery business, it’s time for you to look for the Best Embroidery Machine for your business.

You should remember the fact that the better the software and hardware of your machine, the more you would be able to create or produce – consequently, the more PROFIT you’ll generate.

Here, we would like to introduce TWO Best Embroidery Machine for your BUSINESS.

We would recommend Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine as the best device for home business.

This embroidery machine from Brother would be the best available option for any home embroidery business.

On the other hand, we would like to recommend Janome Craft 12000 as the Best Commercial Embroidery Machine.

Looking at all the features and functions, this embroidery machine includes, this is the Top Commercial Embroidery Machine currently available in the market.

You can gather more info on Brother SE400 and Janome Craft 12000 by taking a look at the full reviews of those embroidery machines.

What else do you need to start your embroidery business?

In order to run the embroidery business, there are a few more things you have to MANAGE.

Here’s a list we’ve already prepared for YOU:


In the case of selecting the software, you need to be a little careful. From our own experience, we would like to recommend Wilcom or Sierra Digitizing Software.

We found these TWO software very effective and professional.


This will fully depend upon the type of BUSINESS you’re going to run. However, we recommend you to go for Durkee Hoops or SWF Hoops.

Hooping Device:

You’ll require a hooping device to get faster and more exact placement of the designs you will choose.


This section would include needles, thread, backings, toppings, etc.

Heat Press:

You may require this if you go for providing the service of embroidered patches.

Final Words:

So, this is all you have to know if you want to start an embroidery business.

We believe that our detailed and step-by-step guidelines regarding how to start an embroidery business will help you from every aspect.

We did try our best to cover almost all the topics you should get acquainted with to run an embroidery business.

However, if you think we have missed any point, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll surely add your suggestion to this detailed discussion on the embroidery business.

Best Wishes for your embroidery business.

We hope that you reach the pinnacle of SUCCESS.


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