Screen Printing vs Embroidery: Find Out the Right One

For clothing or apparel design, the two most popular methods are Screen Printing & Embroidery. In this article, we are going to draw some outlines so that you will specifically come to know the differences between screen printing vs embroidery.

So let’s dig deep into them and bring out some differences. After reading between the lines of this article, you will come to know the following lists:

a) Definition of Screen Printing & Embroidery.
b) Comparison based on followings features:

  • Costs Evaluation
  • Suitability
  • Durability

What is Screen Printing and Embroidery?

When adding logos, the two methods that come up in our mind are Screen Printing and Embroidery. These two methods have their own ugly and good sides.

Screen Printing:

screen printing

The screen is a set of a frame where thick ink will rollover. It is previously known as silk screening as the screen was made of silk. But today the screens also come that are made of polyester, which makes it more affordable.

Using different colours of ink with the pre-programmable design one can design many t-shirts with graphical content. Once it is finished, the print will fix on your t-shirt with soothing colours.

Typically, screen printing is an excellent way of logo designing, and once it is set correctly, then you can make a bulk amount of logo printing out of it.

However, the con is in every time you need to set the cloths manually against the printer and then produce each design individually. Therefore, it is not likely an automotive process compared to DTG printing.



The embroidery process runs with the help of an embroidery automatic machine. This machine comes with an automatic threaded needle. Usually, an embroidery machine consists of 12 swing heads, and each head has 15 unique head to perform. So when the swing heads on the go with its needles altogether then smart work wins over hard work.

Besides, the automatic effort paves the way to make the design inexpensive and accurate. Another good side of an embroidery machine is its programmable design. You won’t wonder to see a specific embroidery machine only runs a specific pre-loaded design to craft.

So when you come up with the logo designing, then you need to set the machine with a specific design that is said digitizing.

Afterward, the machine will beautifully mark the outline of your logo. Later on, the instructor of your device will command what portion of it need to stitch and how it should be. That means, the cloth will be manually hooped and finally upload onto the embroidery machine by the instructor.

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What are the differences between Screen Printing vs Embroidery?

Below here, we are going to explain how and why these two methods make differences:

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

Both methods come with some certain expenditures in manufacturing items. So question obviously comes to our mind like which one is more affordable and how? Well, this basically lies in the complexity and the quantity of each method.

On the flip side, each method may turn out affordable to some kind of work and vice-versa. For instance, the embroidery method would be preferable when you are dealing with producing cheaper pocket-size logos. Also, when you are producing a small number of garments with logo designing this would be inexpensive too.

Another example would be the setup cost. We find for embroidery work, the setup cost falls flat, and before it is based on how many types of colours you will bring on to the system. On the other hand, screen printing comes with a new mesh screen with a new colour in your design. Also, a base print is essential to bring forth in the design, and it sets on the undercoat of the print.

If we compared the overall cost, and when you will print a large number of logo designing, then screen printing seems a cheaper way. Hence, we come to know the setup cost of screen printing would be expensive compared to the embroidery method; however, when you are dealing with a significant number of clothing crafts, then it is affordable.

2. Suitability:

The clothing industry comes with tons of work, and we don’t know which kind of work requires which process to bring out the desired results. When we compare the two methods, it is hard to declare each of them to be the best one. Instead of that, we may only judge the suitability or preferability of them based on different kinds of garments work.

For example, when you are producing polo shirts, then the embroidery method would be the best in this business. Why? Because embroidery comes with much threading work with the help of its tons of needles. Therefore, the stitching process would be more comfortable and cheaper with it.

Keeping this in mind, most of the outwear clothing industry machines set up based on Embroidery Machines. And why not as it can outweigh thousands of tough stitching and produce huge garments in a row.

On the other hand, while working with lightweight garments like t-shirts, then embroidery seems tough to handle them. Because the stitching process is not suitable here as to create tension across the garment. There you will find the screen printing, and painting the logo using inks would be convenient also it looks decorative.

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3. Durability:

Embroidery comes with the stitching process, and screen printing comes with the colouring process using inks. Hence, the durable method would be stitching work as the needle threads remain more days effectively whereas, the colours just fade away after a year or so.

That said, the embroidery machine goes straight to the core of the fabric and stitch on it effectively and thus remain for years. But the screen printer inks remain only top of the fabric and so lasts less time compared to any embroidery machine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Screen Print vs Embroidery:

  1. Is embroidery more expensive than screen printing?

    When it comes to design or decorate clothes in a versatile process, then embroidery would be affordable. On the contrary, when dealing with one specific logo design or text printing for thousands of Polos, then screen printing would be inexpensive.

  2. What is embroidery?

    Embroidery is the stitching process with a number of needle threads, and it ensures better clothing design in the least effort. Usually, it is commonly used to design the outwear like caps, blankets, denim jeans or shirts, coats, etc.

  3. Why choose embroidery?

    Embroidery is durably fixed the garment, especially the outwears and with sophisticated design the cloth will last for a long time. While, the alternatives of it come with a printed logo design in 2D mode, this aids in the 3D process where every thread is eye-catchy and sustainable.

  4. What is screen printing?

    Screen printing or silk screening is the process of printing graphical content like logos on your t-shirt. Using thick and nice inks, it will turn out the logo effectively and beautifully. Screen printing is an excellent way of designing Polos when it comes to deal with two colours in a row for the voluminous number of manufacturing items.

  5. Why choose screen printing?

    Manufacturer opts for screen printing when they are dealing with creating beautiful designs or logos on a t-shirt using thick inks. Especially it is chosen for designing the same type of logos for hundreds of same crafts using two or three colours. As a result, the manufacturer can minimize the cost to a great extent within the least effort too.

To Sum It Up:

As we have mentioned above the two processes (embroidery vs screen printing) have great suitability, so there is no way to mark one specific method as the best one. So based on the applicability, you should choose between them.

In short, when dealing with the outwear like caps or accessories items then go with the embroidery method. And, the screen printing is for designing a voluminous number of logos using simple inks without stitching them.   

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