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Gold represents glam and fun. Gold sequin dresses pop and makes you the center of attention at any kind of party. As it requires attention itself, choosing the shoes and accessories with it is very important. It will either complement your outfit or break it completely. I’m going to cover one of those critical issues like what shoes to wear with gold sequin dress.

So, what color shoes compliment the gold sequin dress?

A golden shoe with a golden dress is the best choice you can make without ruining the outfit. Because there is the least chance that a golden shoe will break the contrast. If you carefully pick the right shade of golden, the outfit will certainly pop out without a doubt.

Read this article to know about the best shoes for gold sequin dress.

What Shoes To Wear With Gold Sequin Dress: 6 Perfect Ideas

There are a variety of shoe colors you can make pair with a golden dress. But here are some of them which not only comprehend the look but also make a wonderful contrast.

1. Classy Golden 

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A golden shoe with a gold dress is a classic combination that rarely fails. If you are using the same color for dress and shoe, the intensity of the colors is very important. Moreover, there are so many shades of gold available you may get confused about which one to pick.

To make it simple, try to pick lighter golden colored shoes compared to the golden you are wearing but always match the tone of the colors. If your dress is shiny you can go for a matte gold shoe or vice versa.  Try not to pick the exact same golden for dress and shoes. If you decide to go for the same color pick thin laced shoes. It will create a wonderful golden line from the top to bottom.

2. Dynamic Black

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Black shoe with a gold dress is a really popular choice. This pair makes a dynamic high contrast outfit. Gold dress with black shoes goes fantastic if you have some kind of black in your golden dress. Or not, even deep shades of gold match really well.

It immediately catches people’s attention to the shoes first and eventually goes up to the gold attire. But you need to keep in mind that black shoes will not disappear in the background, even it will do the exact opposite thing. If you want all the eyes on your dress you should go for some lighter color that I’ll discuss in a bit.

3. Metallic Silver

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If matching all the way around is not your thing, yet you do not want to break the vibe of the metallic look, close your eyes and go for silver shoes. It works even better if you have a two-tone metallic dress. Do not worry if yours is not two-toned, gold dress silver shoes is yet an iconic duo that will never break the vibe.

Choose silver shoes with a bar of light color gold. Keep the golden dress accessories metallic as well if you are going to a formal party or event. You can mismatch with black if you want a casual look.

4. Sinless White

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White is that kind of a color that matches with anything and everything you want to match with. It will not give you dramatic contrast so that your dress can have all the attention. If there is any white in your dress that will be cherry on the top which satisfies the question of what shoes to wear with gold sequin dress.

If you want something less of contrast but not plain like white, you can add a sparkly white shoe. So that the shoe will not vanish in the background and will pop up even if it’s white. It will add some soft vibration to the outfit. It will not be metallic like silver but give you’re a glittery, dreamy look.

4. Bloody Red

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Red is considered one of the boldest colors all over the world. But even I was hesitated before pairing it up with a golden dress. But trust me when I did it changed the whole perspective of mine about red and gold.

As gold and red both are warm colors, you will look like a hue of sunshine, in every room you enter. You can experiment with different shades of gold and red which match you the best. For lighter golden, choose darker red.

For accessories, you can have a red clutch if you want. But never ever forget to wear that red lipstick with this outfit. 

5. Neutral Nudes Heels

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If you are still confused about which one to go with then the nude is for you. It is the safest bet with golden-colored dresses. It will not compliment the dress nor ruin it. Nude heels are meant to fade away into the background so that the shoe will not grab any extra attention. This is another reason to pick up nude shoes when you want to give all the attention only to that sparkly golden dress. 

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Are There Any Shoe Colors to Avoid?

Shoe Colors to Avoid

Matching shoes for gold sequin dress is not a hard job. Almost all of your shoes from the closet probably match with a gold sequin dress. Unless your favorite color is green or yellow. There is nothing wrong if so, but those colors create a fashion faux pas with the gold dress you are wearing. Especially if you are getting ready for a formal kind of event.

Generally, you can go for any color shoe you love. If something is not usual that does not mean you cannot do that. Blue, green type of colors will be on the opposite side of the color wheel. That means matching them with your golden dress will be a little hard. Unless you have other accessories of that same color matching with the dress.

On the other hand, yellow and orange colors sit side by side with gold. So it will also not look good with your beautiful gold sequin dress. But if you have a good fashion sense and can mismatch colors well, then go for any color you want to. Do not bother with the question of what shoes to wear with gold sequin dress.

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What Other Accessories Go With A Gold Dress?

Accessories are not less important than a pair of the shoe when it comes to complete outfit. All good outfits with great dresses and shoes can be ruined with the wrong accessories. You have to be extra careful when you are looking for accessories with a gold sparkly dress.

Ear Ring: Earrings are always a big part of a girl’s outfit. Without it, an outfit will not be completed. A pair of gold earrings can go well with the dress. You can go for a medium-length earring so that it can balance with the heavy dress.

Watch with Bracelet: This is a recent fashion trend that goes really well with the gold dress. It will give the look an elegant and modern vibe. Rose gold color is a suitable fit for any kind of look you want to create.

Bangles: Golden bangles suit well with a golden outfit. If you are going to wear a bangle then skip the bracelet with the watch. You can only wear the watch though.

Clutch: A clutch is a very important part of an outfit. You can match the clutch with your shoe for the best result.


Everyone’s fashion sense is different. But there are times we cannot decide which shoes to pick with which dress. Maybe because the event or the party is really important for us. That’s why we want validation from others sometimes. Not only just that, but there are also many fashion standards we want to meet and that’s why I’m here to help.

The question of what shoes to wear with gold sequin dress is not hard. But make it suit you is hard. So, I’ve done the research and made the most suitable list of what color shoes with gold sequin dress. From here you can choose any option you think best for you without hesitation.

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